William Billy Mitchell

Mitchell, William Billy
b.1840; d.1909.
CSA, 35th Texas Cavalry (Brown's) Regiment, Co.D.
Mountain Grove cemetery; Stephens County, OK.

Here again is a veteran I know virtually nothing about
at this time. Almost everything I know about him comes
from his gravestone. "Father of John Paton Mitchell"
(b.1860; 1939) is engraved on the white, VA headstone
with a Southern Cross etched near the top of the stone.

As to his outfit, the CSA, 35th Texas Cavalry (Brown's)
Regiment "was organized with 927 men in October
1863, by consolidating the 12th (Brown's) and
Roundtree's Texas Cavalry Battalions. The unit served
in the Trans-Mississippi Department and in January
1864, contained 29 officers and 409 men."

In the spring of 1864, Brown's 35th Cavalry was
transferred to Louisiana in the spring of 1864. There
it saw action in the Red River campaign as a part of
McCulloch's brigade in Walker's Texas Division.
"It skirmished in Texas and was on scouting duty along
the [Texas] coast. On June 2, 1865, it was included in
the surrender. The field officers were Colonel Reuben
R. Brown, Lieutenant Colonel Samuel W. Perkins, and
Major Lee C. Roundtree." (www.itd.nps.gov/cwss)
The commander of the 35th - Col. Reuben R. Brown -
barely survived the Texas' fight for Independence. An
interesting biographical sketch of him can be seen at
the Handbook of Texas Online at:

If you can tell me more about this veteran, William
Billy Mitchell, I'd like to hear from you.