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This blog is on break until Jan. 28, 2006 at which time I resume posting several times each week.


Blogger qpdk1gorz82dmxo said...

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Blogger MGWilleford said...

My gggrandfather, John Crawford Willeford is buried in the old Duncan cemetery. I believe he was a corporal in the 8th Arkansas Calvary. I believe his brother WL Willeford was a sergant in that same unit. They both enlisted in Fulton County Arkansas. I have seen the census record that puts my gggrandfather in Fulton County just after the war. I have seen the enlistment records for both a John C and W. L. Willeford from Fulton, the question you could help me with is what information can lock it all down. The ages are right, the places are right and I believe that is the way it happened. Do you have any further suggestions.


4:41 PM  
Blogger MGWilleford said...

my gggrandfather, John Crawford Willeford is buried in the old Duncan Cemetery. I believe he was in the 8th Arkansas Calvary. I have seen the census records placing him in Fulton County Arkansas after the war. I have seen enlistment records for a John C and W. L. Willeford from Fulton County Arkansas. I am sure that they are the same. I was hoping someone could help me figure what I needed to do to solidify the connection and hopefully find out more about the 8th Arkansas Cal.


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